Personal Care

Personal Care

The Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014 defines what personal care is and when it is regulated.

This regulated activity involves supporting people in their homes (or where they're living at the time) with things like washing, bathing or cleaning themselves, Bathing and showering, including bed baths; applying lotions and creams as required; dressing and getting ready for bed; help with toileting; applying make-up and hair care; oral hygiene; support with shaving; footcare; continence care; stoma or catheter care; support with changing positions in bed; preparing food and support with eating and drinking; support with medication; support to access health services such as GP or hospital appointments.
People who receive personal care/support should be able to exercise choice and control over how their personal care needs are met by care staff. Individual needs should be met in the most appropriate and sensitive way following consultation with Service Users wherever possible. Where appropriate, Care Workers will also be consulted. Staff should always ensure that personal care is delivered in the most appropriate way to ensure that personal dignity and respect is maintained at all times, whilst allowing the individual to maximise their full potential.

It is good practice for all people who use our service to have the right to have their personal tasks carried out by a person of the same sex as themselves if this is their personal choice. However, whilst this provision of case is good practice, due to service constrains it may not always be possible for this to happen.

All aspects of a Service User's personal care should be fully documented in the individual care plan and specific difficulties and requests identified. Individual support/ care plans should always reflect the particular choices of people in respect of how their care should be carried out. Staff should always ensure that an individual's cultural and religious needs are identified and appropriate preferences taken into account when offering personal care.

How our daily personal care services can support you:
Diadem Domiciliary Care Ltd will offer personal care that is tailored directly around you. We understand that as a person grows older or lives with certain medical needs it can be difficult to carry out even simple daily tasks.
Diadem Domiciliary Care Ltd aims to ensure the wellbeing of our clients as we offer support with the following domiciliary care tasks:
• Support with personal care, such as bathing and continence care
• Preparation of nutritious and well-balanced meals
• Assistance with household tasks
• Assistance in arranging appointments or outings
• Transport and accompaniment to appointments or outings, e.g., medical appointments or trips to hobby clubs etc.
• Assistance with medication

What to expect from Diadem Homecare team:
• Full confidence from a regulated service that will meet the standards set out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)
• Our highly trained staff will be matched to your needs
• A bespoke personal care plan
• Our dedicated care manager who will monitor your care and be your point of contact for any questions or concerns
• Backup support from a senior carer local to your area
• Access to 24 to out of hour services
• Regular visits to review the care plan and ensure that you’re receiving the best quality of care
• Regular correspondence with medical professionals i.e GP, DN,

How you can benefit from personal care at home
Personal care at home offers many benefits including a service that is completely flexible to the client’s needs, which many other care service providers cannot offer. Diadem Domiciliary Care Ltd are available to support you at home as much or as little as you need in order to maintain your independence.
By taking a person-centred approach to our home-care services for the elderly, it allows us to respect the wishes and beliefs of the individual

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